Our DREAM is to recognize and celebrate hearty Artists (local-global) who inspire HEART (love) with their ART. Do you have development ideas? Welcoming partners and supporters from around the USA & World to help us inspire our Global Family.

"What blossoms in Heartywood inspires LOVE worldwide!"

Our dream was born February 14, 2018

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hEartywood: A dream-city in the trees!

Dr. Muhammed Yunus is the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and also an official part-time resident in ATLANTA: City of Peace. In 2010, on “I Have A Dream” Anniversary - Dr. Yunus proclaimed the following:
"For social structure,
the arts and culture
are the cure."

The ©HEARTYWOOD AWARD will be given to Artists whose ART heals HEARTS. There are many fields of ART, but not all ART strengthens HEARTS. AWARDS are for healthy Social-Action and recognize excellence in SERVICE as assessed by our Judge's Panel.

DREAM what HEARTYWOOD will eventually provide in future years after its unique brand is fully designed & developed. Inspired by brands like Hollywood, Bollywood and Dollywood -- we LOVE ART, peace-tourism & hospitality.

Partners Wanted:

heartywood annual awards

“The law of love... best understood and learned through little children.”

Gandhi, Esq is Father of INDIA: The World's Biggest Democracy, and considered by many to be the most accomplished peace-builder of the last Millennium (Years 1000-2000). Many recently observed the Sesquicentennial, the 150th year, of his birth. “Find purpose. The means will follow”, and “My LIFE is my message.”

'hollywood' does $80 B annually