“The law of love... best understood and learned through little children.”

Gandhi, Esq is Father of INDIA: The World's Biggest Democracy, and considered by many to be the most accomplished peace-builder of the last Millennium (Years 1000-2000). Many now observe his Sesquicentennial, the 150th year of his birth. “Find purpose. The means will follow”, and “My LIFE is my message.”

Dr. Muhammed Yunus is the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and also an official part-time resident in the City of Atlanta. In 2010, on “I Have A Dream” Anniversary - Dr. Yunus proclaimed: 

"For social structure,
the arts and culture
are the cure."

Our DREAM is to recognize and celebrate hearty Artists (local-global) who inspire HEART (love) with their ART. "CALL for ART" in link below. We welcome funders and supporters from around the USA & World to help us inspire our Global Family.

hEartywood: A dream-city in the trees!

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DREAM what HEARTYWOOD will eventually collect in future years after its unique brand is fully designed & developed. Inspired by brands like Hollywood, Bollywood and Dollywood -- we LOVE ART, peace-tourism & hospitality.

Co-Founders Wanted:

'hollywood' does $80 B annually

The HEARTYWOOD AWARD is given to Artists whose ART heals HEARTS. There are many fields of ART, but not all ART strengthens HEARTS. AWARDS are for healthy Social-Action and recognize excellence in SERVICE as assessed by our Judge's Panel.

heartywood annual awards

"What happens in Heartywood inspires LOVE worldwide!"

Our dream was born February 14, 2018